Abteilung502 315 Leather and Wood Colors Set

315 Leather and Wood Colors Set - Image 1
Производитель: Abteilung502
Код товара: ABT-315
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Код продуктаABT-315
Вес:0.24 kg
Добавлено в каталог:2.3.2017

Within this set you will find all the basic colors to paint different leather and wood tones. All these are warm colors which when mixed can achieve almost any leather and wood shade, plus its shadows and highlights. All these oils have a well known superb quality.

This set contains:

  • ABT004 Bitume
  • ABT006 Burnt Umber
  • ABT020 Faded Yellow
  • ABT025 Warm Red
  • ABT080 Brown Wash
  • ABT092 Ocher
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Добавлено в каталог: 2.3.2017
Доступность: в наличии!
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